if you reached this Page and you use Quest Foglight to monitor your Applications and Databases you've probably heard of FGLIDE and the Foglight IDE Export Cartridges on the Foglight Community.


The Foglight IDE is a toolkit provided by Stefan Marx which allows you to export Customizations like Dashboards, Rules or Agent Property Lists into Cartridges. These Cartridges can be installed on other foglight Servers and will allow you to distribute your Work controlled and version controlled.


This toolkit will work for Foglight Versions 5.6.4-5.6.+ and vFoglight starting with 6.6.1. A similar Package with some limitations is available on Request for Foglight Version 5.5.x


This Page was created to distribute the binary Downloads and to add Informations and Documentations. I also plan to add some Screencam videos in the future. 


If you have any Questions please contact me via Email, I will try my best to answer your Questions.


This Software is provided as Freeware Tooling and it's not part of the Foglight APM Solution or shipping. It's not officially supported but if you have concerns or Questions please use the Foglight Community to post these or fill a Github Issue

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