Download FGLIDE Cartridge

The Foglight IDE is shipped in several Modules. The Core Module is the fglide Cartridge itself which ships in some Variations. The FGLIDE is also Plugin enabled and some other Features is packaged and distributed in seperate addon Packages.

FglIDE (Version

FGLIDE Full Package
This includes the full FGLIDE Cartridge which adds Cartridge Export Features, Topology Schema Browser and simple Script Debugger
FGLIDE Export Only
If you only like to use the Cartridge Export Features you can use this Cartridge. It only includes the Export Features.

Custom Agent Plugin (Version

Custom Agents(ALPHA)
This includes the experimental Custom Agent Plugin which allows you to create Custom Script Agents with ASP Support.

This Software is provided as Freeware Tooling and it's not part of the Foglight APM Solution or shipping. It's not officially supported but if you have concerns or Questions please use the Foglight Community to post these or fill a Github Issue

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